Cigars Store

Cigars have always been associated with wealth and luxury. In this sense, it was essential to focus on decoration in this rehabilitation project, in order to create a fantastic environment.


Wooden panels surrounding the interior walls were used, display cases with shelves covered in acrylic panels, which stand out for their pattern in shades of brown and white that are reminiscent of smoke floating in the air. The aim was to create a comfortable and refined space for cigar lovers.


At the entrance, locate the reception where the exhibitors are located.


The personalized service area is found on the lower floor, which has a circular showcase, also lined with wooden panels, with a glass top so that customers can see the interior. Around it are two armchairs to allow customers to sit and rest.


The cigars are stored in cabinets, the interior of which has a humidity and temperature control system to maintain their quality.

  • Location

    Lisbon, Portugal

  • Area

    41.84 m²

  • Services

    Architecture, Engineering, Rehabilitation, Construction Management