At MUTO we masterfully combine architecture with engineering, which allows us to develop projects quickly, as well as discover the most creative, functional and sustainable solutions for our clients' projects.

The MUTO company was founded in 2012. The name MUTO derives from the latin “mutar” — meaning to change, mutate and transform — and fully represents the company's concept.

MUTO is a worldwide company, headquartered in Parque das Nações in Lisbon, with a branch in Luxembourg. We house employees of different nationalities, cultures and knowledge, with the aim of evolving day by day, to offer a work of excellence.

Our mission

     MUTO's mission is to transform the space where we live, through architecture. Create spaces that have their own identity, that integrate harmoniously into the surrounding space, and that relate to human life. Always having the principle of creating or maintaining a sustainable architecture, both through the choice of materials and their application, as well as through the use of natural resources and renewable energies.

     We support our customers in the project licensing phase and also in the monitoring of the construction stage, which allows for an optimization of the construction process, and to offer a final product of higher quality.

The team

   Our team is made up of highly qualified and experienced architects and engineers, which allows us to offer solutions for the most diverse architectural projects. We develop projects in Collective Housing, Single Family Housing, Industrial/Office Spaces, Cultural/Hotel Spaces, Health Spaces, Urban Planning and Rehabilitation.

   Our solid experience and extensive knowledge allow us to offer general architectural services and the various specialties of engineering, landscape architecture, urban design and interior design. 



Administration/Technical Coordination

Diogo Grade e Yolanda Morgado



 Laura Gomes, Mariana Pinto, Carolina Barreira, Ivo Diavova, Ana Regelo, Anna Moshkivska e Cátia Adão


Engenharia Cívil

Gabriela Moniz



Ricardo Laré

Our values

MUTO integrates a mixed team of architects and engineers. This unique combination of knowledge allows us to easily find the best architectural solutions for project needs.


MUTO is a company that is characterized by working with pragmatism and speed.


The company has employees with years of experience, which enable us to find efficient solutions for each architectural project.


At MUTO we learn, grow, explore ideas and love to create.... We look at challenges, on the one hand as a gateway to evolve as a team, on the other, as a means to gain more experience and provide, more and more, a useful service to society.