House Jacinto 51

In the green and quiet area of Aroeira, emerges Moradia Jacinto 51. This project consisted of legalization and alterations. The villa has a T4 typology, consisting of two floors and a basement.


A harmonization of the facades was generated, through a simplification of the number of spans and their size. Doors and windows were demolished in order to create larger openings.


Wooden slats were used in order to create some movement on the facades and protection in some areas (external side stairs, terraces, porch and entrance area).


The glass was arranged as guardrails on the terraces, to allow a greater relationship between the interior and the private outdoor area, creating a greater connection with the immediate surroundings.


The premises in this project were to create wider spaces and provide a greater relationship between the different spaces.


On the ground floor, some interior walls were demolished to provide larger areas in the social area and the reconfiguration of the private areas. The kitchen, dining room and living room, which were previously closed, now share a close visual and spatial relationship, fostering a wider and more functional social area. The kitchen gained a relationship with the outside area, also benefiting the house in terms of functionality. Still on the ground floor, a bedroom was eliminated in order to build a larger suite.


On the upper floor, the storage compartment was removed to create an additional bedroom. Thus, three bedrooms were created, two of which are suites. Two of the bedrooms have access to the terrace, which now functions as a space for living and leisure, facing east.


Finally, a swimming pool was designed and the exterior spaces were refurbished.

  • Location

    Aroeira, Portugal

  • Area

    1594.00 m²

  • Services

    Architecture, Engineering, Landscaping, Construction Management